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ICT Mark: Guidance for assessors

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A collection of resources has been prepared to support ICT Mark assessors in the assessment of schools for the ICT Mark Award. Schools may also find some of these materials useful in preparing for assessment. These cover guidance for assessors, details of the assessment process, assessment and reporting pro-formas. All ICT Mark assessors need to keep up to date with this area, as only the current documents held here are valid.

The Board of Management

Naace is a Registered Charity with an associated trading company, Naace (Trading) Ltd. It has a Board of Management elected by the membership of the Association. The Board is responsible for ensuring that the Charity fulfils its charitable objectives, approving the strategic development of the Association and providing advice and guidance to the Executive Committee.


Naace works with EVERYONE who shares our passion to advance education through the appropriate use of technology - We are a charity, a community of educators, technologists and policy makers who share a vision for the role of technology in advancing teaching and learning. Our members include teachers, school leaders, advisors and consultants working within and across all phases of UK education. Commercial businesses like yours may become Naace Sponsoring Partners.

The Naace Charitable Sponsorship Programme provides you with an opportunity to support a truly independent association, that seeks to build an even stronger community voice that in turn enables us to influence policy for the benefit of ALL involved in technology in education.

News Page

Find all current Naace & Naace members' news here

We want to hear your voice! Regional Think Tanks - July 2010

Naace Think Tank - we want to hear your voice!
Regional Naace Think Tanks took place up and down the country in the last two weeks in July. The purpose of these events was to open up discussions and collectively share our thoughts about the future direction of ICT in Education.

Our aim was to work together and plan concise key messages – deciding who needs to hear them and what action we want them to take. Our aim is to build a strategy (and practical products) for defending the place of ICT in Education – and to ensure this is shared with as many people as possible.

Each Think Tank produced a variety of discussions and debates - many of which were centered around the pre-set questions below:
• ICT IS Important - Do we agree? Why and how is it important?
• What do we need to do?
• What are our Key Messages? (The USP of ICT in a learning environment)
• Who are the audience? And who needs to hear what?
• What do we want those who hear our message to do? How do we provoke this reaction?
• Building a Strategy (and Practical Products) for defending the place of ICT in Education - What should it include?
• Naace is about community - how can we build the effectiveness of that community so that our VOICE is heard and effective?

All attendees were asked to come prepared to share a one or two minute (max) nano presentation using any one of the above questions as a theme for that presentation. If you would like to share your presentation with Naace members please contact

Naace Think Tanks took place throughout July at three locations:
Wednesday 21st July – Bradford - Challenge CLC
Monday 26th July – Bristol Region - Ramada Bristol City
Wednesday 28th July – London Region - Scholastic , Euston


Naace Connect

Filming the latest episode
Naace Connect is an online video magazine for Naace members and others interested in educational ICT. Each programme is approximately half an hour in length and divided into 5 minute episodes which include interviews with practitioners, key stakeholders and thinkers in educational ICT. Naace Connect is distributed online via and other appropriate online channels and is covered by a Creative Commons Licence and we encourage you to distribute the episodes to help spread the word about good educational ICT practice.

About Naace

Find the answers to all your questions here... What is Naace? What are its aims? Who are we? What do we stand for? What do we offer our Members? and of course, how to join us.

School improvement planning through technology

Naace offers a range of powerful tools and awards designed to support excellence in schools and academies. There is a lot more to discover than simple awards. The Self-review Framework can support any school, across all curriculum areas, to provide a better educational experience for its pupils. Developing a 3rd Millennium Learning Award submission is a process that drives discussions in the school about what you believe 3rd millennium learning to be, informed by the wonderful video submissions from schools that have gained the award. The awards recognise achievement and drive change and further improvement.

Group Membership

Naace membership is open to any person who is able to contribute to the achievement of its primary aim: to advance education through the appropriate use of technology. Applications are welcome from anyone who shares the aim of the Association.

Press Release - Naace Announces National Professional Development Programme in Partnership with AQA - 19 July 2013

Naace, the national association for the advancement of learning through technology, is pleased to announce a national programme of one and two day events to help teachers meet their pressing needs for support. In partnership with AQA, a leading provider of qualifications and support for teachers and students, the programme will be available to all from September 2013.
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