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The Naace Curriculum - A Framework

The Naace curriculum area is the place to find all the latest updates to the Naace Curriculum Framework. This has been developed in consultation with members to offer a comprehensive, coherent and flexible starting point for schools to review and develop their own personalised curriculum. Supporting materials will be added to the relevant key stage curriculum pages.

Naace KS3 ICT Framework

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Update 12th April: In addition to the full draft, the Naace ICT Framework has been developed in response to the recent curriculum consultations.

Update 11th May: A revised version of the Naace ICT Framework and the more detailed KS3 document has now been added to this page.

We invite all Naace members to consider this draft and to make comment - this is a community project. If you would like to be involved in the community group discussion please email who will invite you into the discussion. Alternatively members can simply log in to see and make comments on this page directly.


Student Engagement and 1:1

A teacher training programme developed by Intel and Naace

Naace membership for schools registering for the 3rd Millennium Learning Award

Schools wishing to register for the 3rd Millennium Learning Award are required to be full members of Naace.


Review - Security vs. Access

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Better safe than sorry isn't always as simple as it sounds. Security threats from the Internet and other technologies are very real, and schools have an obligation to keep their students, staff, and property safe, but implementing drastic security measures can often create an environment of fear and significantly reduce teachers' ability to provide students with a high-quality education.

Naace Annual Report 2011

This report covers the period for the financial year July 2010 to end of June 2011; this report will be reviewed at the AGM taking place on 10 March 2012 at the Naace Annual Conference to be held at the Leicester Marriot Hotel from 8 to 10 March 2012.

Over the past year Naace has pursued activities that focus around the needs of members with particular emphasis on supporting colleagues facing radical changes in their work patterns and environment. The closure of Becta has forced an increase in the need for collaboration and presented opportunities for greater engagement with Government and other organisations. Each activity is based around the central theme of delivering professional services to members and the wider community, and complements strategies of the DfE and other home countries.

Strategic Conference Terms and Conditions

Please read the terms and conditions very carefully before agreeing to attend/exhibit at this event

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