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Naace Conference

The Naace Conference is recognised as one of the key forums for exploring, debating and challenging current thinking about technology and learning. With top-flight keynote speakers, workshops on topical issues and an exhibition with the most innovative suppliers.

Contact us

For all queries relating to registering and exhibiting please contact the Naace Annual Strategic Conference Support team.

Naace Professional Code of Practice

Naace is the professional association for those who are concerned with advancing education through the appropriate use of technology.

All Naace Members commit annually to adhering to the Professional Code of Practice.

ICT Mark - Frequently asked questions about the ICT Mark

ICT Mark - Frequently asked questions about the ICT Mark

Why is Naace uniquely important to you...

Becoming a Member of Naace has both practical and strategic benefits. Every individual and school concerned with using technology effectively needs access to the developing expertise of the Naace community.

Why should I join Naace?

Naace membership is open to any person who is able to contribute to the achievement of its primary aim: to advance education through the appropriate use of technology. Applications are welcome from anyone who shares the aim of the Association.

Naace Conference and Exhibition 2012

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The conference is taking place at the Marriott Hotel in Leicester from Thursday 8 - Saturday 10 March 2012.

The theme for 2012 is '3rd Millennium Learning - The Compelling Case for ICT'.

Help lead the way with ICT at the new format Naace conference.

The 2012 Naace Strategic Conference, 3rd Millennium Learning - the
Compelling Case for ICT, will have multiple strands to meet the CPD needs of the heterogeneous Naace Audience.

Across all three days of the Conference, we will address the impact of ICT and the imperatives for schools, learning and CPD. Keynote presenters will address the central issues and there will be a wide choice of breakout sessions—some of which are delivered by you!

There will be many opportunities for networking and also the highlights of Impact Awards, Conference Dinner, sponsoring partner presentations and much more. Senior leaders in schools and Academies, aspiring subject leaders of ICT, all independent consultants, LA ICT staff and industry leaders will find the
sessions and the networking invaluable.

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