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Naace Strategic Conference and Exhibition 2011

The definitive conference for Strategic Leaders of ICT in Education

The financial and educational landscape is changing rapidly. At the same time the needs of learners and the needs of society make digital literacy and creativity continuing priorities for us all.

The Naace Strategic Conference is recognised as one of the key forums for exploring, debating and challenging current thinking about technology and learning. With top-flight keynote speakers, workshops on topical issues, and an exhibition with the most innovative suppliers, Naace 2011 is the place to be!

Why should I join Naace?

Naace membership is open to any person who is able to contribute to the achievement of its primary aim: to advance education through the appropriate use of technology. Applications are welcome from anyone who shares the aim of the Association.

Advancing Education Spring 2012

Welcome to the Spring 2012 issue of Advancing Education, which now has a more academic slant than previously. To begin we have a paper on 'Outstanding Teachers, Practice and ICT use' from Andy Goodwyn and Carol Fuller – some useful messages here for teacher training and CPD. Julia Briggs explores a model for online learning in primary schools while the potential of 3D projection in the classroom is the subject for Professor Dr Anne Bamford in a paper produced by the Learning in Future Education (LiFE) project. Next up we have an update from Scotland on the Keith Memory Blog, an online project recording memories of the old Keith Primary before it was replaced by a new school in February 2012, provided by Claire Griffiths. Voting systems have been around for some time and in the paper by Samuel King their use in undergraduate mathematics teaching is explored, with lessons that go beyond that sector to include maths and science subjects in all phases.

Regular contributor Bob Harrison raises further key questions, this time asking “Will investment in ICT/Digital Technologies raise standards?” He explores whether, in fact, this is actually the wrong question to be asking.

We finish with our popular sponsors section with case studies on Ergo’s ‘Total Control’ solution, a Steljes report on a BSF installation, an NEC paper on the use of 3D projection in a German school plus an example of Britannica Image Quest in a London school.

Mount Pleasant Primary School

Mount Pleasant Community Primary School

Cyber Security Partnership with Tech partnership

Cyber Security Partnership with Tech partnership - online personal development tool

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Naace Annual Report 2012

This report covers the period for the financial year July 2011 to end of June 2012; this report will be reviewed at the AGM taking place on 8 March 2013 at the Naace Strategic Conference, Leicester Marriott Hotel.

Over the past year Naace has continued to pursue activities that focus around the needs of members with particular emphasis on supporting colleagues facing radical changes in their work patterns and environment. The closure of Becta has forced an increase in the need for collaboration and presented opportunities for greater engagement with Government and other organisations. Each activity is based around the central theme of delivering professional services to members and the wider community, and complements strategies of the DfE and other home countries.

Ian Gover

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Please see Ian's supporting statement.
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