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Latest opportunities available to NMSPs

NaaceMark, the only QA scheme designed specifically for organisations providing ICT services to schools, now opens up new opportunities to you to deliver other products and services developed by Naace and Naace partners.

Press Release - A High standard in English AND Digital Literacy - 2nd September 2013

Today's announcement by the DfE that students not reaching grade C in English will have to continue studying it to age 18 reflects what we all know, good literacy is vital. What the DfE does not then go on to say is how schools can best help all their pupils to achieve grade C.

Naace Annual Strategic Conference 2010 - 16th - 18th March 2010

The definitive UK conference for all those passionate about ICT in Education delighted delegates and delivered a superb programme for 2010. It brought together colleagues from all over the UK and beyond, together with key players from government and industry, and provided a forum to share best practice and exchange ideas.

Video's online now -


Advancing Education Autumn 2014

Welcome to the Autumn 2014 issue of Advancing Education in which concerns are raised over the implementation of the new curriculum, good practice highlighted and new technologies introduced. Adrian Mee asks whether a new digital divide is being created while Christian Smith reports on the impact of a summer week of coding in a primary school. Elsewhere regular contributor Bob Harrison considers the challenges facing teachers this year while Christina Preston reports on recent MOOC innovation and also on the impact of digital home-school links. Returning to the theme of challenges Jon Silvera explains why schools and businesses should work more closely together to ensure that the new curriculum is a success.

We also have our usual sponsoring partner contributions. RM Ltd offer advice on successful use of ICT across the school, Makewaves demonstrate effective use of their social learning platform and Texthelp provide an example of improved student independence, self esteem and engagement. All reminders that although ICT the subject may be comatose ICT the tool for learning is alive and well and supporting school and pupil progress. Long may it be so.

Enabling Parental Engagement Think Tank - 30th March 2010

The resulting white paper from the Think Tank has now been published (see attachment below).

Home access and on-line reporting is rapidly becoming a ubiquitous part of mainstream education. But what tools are needed and for what purposes?

The Think Tank considered what uses of ICT will have the most impact on parental engagement with children's learning and how these uses can be incorporated into schools' approach to online reporting.


Self-review Framework (SRF) - Frequently Asked Questions

Naace continues to develop and run the Self-review Framework (SRF) and the ICT Mark. This page covers more general questions about the use of the SRF.

Press Release: Emergent Issues & Expert Recommendations from The Future of Technology in our Schools: What Next?

On Thursday 8 September, a highly expert group (attendees listed as appendix) gathered at Policy Exchange to discuss the Future of Technology in Schools: What Next.

While both schools and students have a greater access to technology than ever before, concerns remain over whether this capacity is being used to best effect, and over the future direction of the role of technology in education. Since the election of the Coalition Government, technology has not featured prominently either in ministerial statements or in policy developments emanating from the Department of Education. Given the Government's focus on structural school reform through the Academy and Free School programmes, this is understandable, but it has fuelled fears in some quarters over a lack of clear policy direction in this area, especially given the transformative effect it can have.

Advancing Education Spring 2012

Welcome to the Spring 2012 issue of Advancing Education, which now has a more academic slant than previously. To begin we have a paper on 'Outstanding Teachers, Practice and ICT use' from Andy Goodwyn and Carol Fuller – some useful messages here for teacher training and CPD. Julia Briggs explores a model for online learning in primary schools while the potential of 3D projection in the classroom is the subject for Professor Dr Anne Bamford in a paper produced by the Learning in Future Education (LiFE) project. Next up we have an update from Scotland on the Keith Memory Blog, an online project recording memories of the old Keith Primary before it was replaced by a new school in February 2012, provided by Claire Griffiths. Voting systems have been around for some time and in the paper by Samuel King their use in undergraduate mathematics teaching is explored, with lessons that go beyond that sector to include maths and science subjects in all phases.

Regular contributor Bob Harrison raises further key questions, this time asking “Will investment in ICT/Digital Technologies raise standards?” He explores whether, in fact, this is actually the wrong question to be asking.

We finish with our popular sponsors section with case studies on Ergo’s ‘Total Control’ solution, a Steljes report on a BSF installation, an NEC paper on the use of 3D projection in a German school plus an example of Britannica Image Quest in a London school.
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