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Dougal Gill

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Please see Dougal's supporting statement.

Self-review Framework (SRF) - Frequently Asked Questions

Naace continues to develop and run the Self-review Framework (SRF) and the ICT Mark. This page covers more general questions about the use of the SRF.

Setting up in business; making a success of independent consultancy, partnership or a small company. April 7th 2011 - London

With the current changes, many Naace members are moving from salaried positions to set themselves up in business.

This one-day course took participants through the key decisions it is necessary to make and the first critical steps to establishing a successful business in the ICT in Education marketplace.


Kinect, Kindles, Know How and Learning Impact!

Engaging Schools with 3rd Millennium Learning Development.

An opportunity to meet experts and enthusiasts in your area to learn about groundbreaking impact of technology in schools.

Afternoon and twilight regional sessions took place with Bernadette Brooks of Naace, Dr Steve Bunce and Duncan Garbett of Vital and local schools who are reaping the benefits of inspired use of technology.


Avalon IT

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ICT and Learning

Naace Strategic Conference 2014- Breakout sessions

Details of the Naace Strategic Conference 2014 breakout sessions.

Naace Fellow Membership

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Any Member who can provide evidence of having made an active contribution to the technology Community beyond that required by their job role in education and commits to continue to do so while a Fellow, is invited to apply.

Advancing Education Autumn 2011

In this edition of Advancing Education Fiona Aubrey-Smith considers the evolution of Technology for Learning, taking us into the realms of Web 3.0. Amrit Pal Kaur of the University of Adelaide presents an exploratory study of trainee science teachers attitudes to use of certain ICT tools while Pete Bradshaw and Sarah Younie explore trainee teachers engagement in a cross-curricular news project. There are important lessons in both papers.

We also have papers on the integration of technology into the learning experience. Andrew Lickley reports on a YHGfL project using QR codes and PSPs with primary children at the Dales Countryside Museum while Dr Arjette Karemaker explores the use of Clicker to support early learning and literacy. Also, Steve Higgins reflects on how to integrate multi-touch technology in classrooms at Durham University.

There is still much debate on ICT which may filter through to policy makers. Bob Harrison offers his views on the changing landscape of ICT in schools and reports on a Westminster Education Forum debate and a TDA Music technology event.

There is light at the end of the tunnel, a theme taken up by Richard Smith, who offers some useful pointers for the many of us taking our first faltering steps in the new world of freelance school improvement. And finally, in our sponsoring partners section there are articles on MOBI, TextHelp and Espresso Primary.

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