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Advancing Education Summer 2012

ISSN 2050-1331

Welcome to the Summer 2012 issue of Advancing Education. This bumper issue with articles ranging across all phases demonstrates that development of ICT is alive and well with robust academic debate continuing.

This time we have a study of student perception of ICT from Pete Bradshaw, while Steve Ingle explores whether Web 3.0 is the answer to information overload. Educational robotic applications have come a long way since the Logo Turtles and Dave Catlin and Mike Blamires consider principles for utilisation of robot devices in education settings. The computer science debate is explored by Mark Baker while Jim Fanning discusses school experiences of a learning platform. Thre is also a report on the Somerset Visualiser Project and with e-readers increasingly popular issues around these devices are explored while by Sandie Gay and Tina Richardson.

We also have our usual sponsors case studies including a report on web conferencing in Scottish schools, internet filtering, RadioWaves, Switched on ICT and the impact of wireless networks.


Third millennium learning partners' page

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Third millennium learning partners

Many of Naace's sponsoring partners are instrumental in enabling 3rd millennium learning, through the products and services they provide. The links below take you to short statements about how our partners help schools develop and promote 3rd millennium learning- lots more coming soon.

Directions to Wokefield Park

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Are you an NQT?

Newly Qualified Teachers (NQT's) can now join Naace for one year at the special price of £20.

Why come to Naace 2012

Why come to Naace 2012

Accredited NaaceMark 2.0 Service Providers

NMSP2.0 logo
These Service Providers have been accredited for one or more service area under the new NaaceMark 2.0 for Service Providers scheme.

Regional Think Tanks on the new National Curriculum - February 2011.

Naace Think Tank - we want to hear your voice!
Regional Naace Think Tanks on the new National Curriculum took place up and down the country during the 2011 February half term.

Naace has been invited to respond to the National Curriculum Consultation and as such we met with Naace Members across all phases to determine how to respond.

The deadline for submitting our response to the Department for Education is 14 April so we needed to move quickly.

We are calling upon all Naace Members and their colleagues and friends to submit a response to the consultation.

Details can be found here.

Further we are calling on all Naace members to write to their MP to raise their concerns about the need for ICT in the curriculum.

Press Release - ICT Mark Awards at Bett 2012

Press Release - ICT Mark Awards at Bett 2012
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