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Self-review Framework and ICT Mark course - June 2013

Supporting the SRF and working towards the ICT Mark
Naace has developed a Self-review Framework (SRF) support course for personnel who are working with schools and within schools to support their progression through the SRF, with special emphasis on how to achieve ICT Mark accreditation.

This course is aimed at schools engaged on the SRF journey but may also be useful to support providers working with a number of schools.

Programming with Scratch Software: The benefits for year six learners

This paper considers the benefits of Computer Science to the individual and specifically the benefits to Year Six children of using Scratch software (Scratch, ca. 2007). It is based on case studies of the software being introduced to classes in three schools in May and June 2013.

Press Release - Response to the Ofsted ‘ICT in Schools 2008-2011’ Report

Please see Naace's Response to the Ofsted ‘ICT in Schools 2008-2011’ Report below.

Using the Mobi View at The Sydney Russell School, Dagenham

A case study of the Mobi View hand-held intractive whiteboard from einstruction innuse at The Sydney Russell School, Dagenham.

Contact us

The Naace Professional Team is based at our office in Nottingham. We welcome contact from Members, Sponsors and anyone else who is interested in the work of Naace.

Normal office open hours:

* Monday - Thursday: 9am - 5pm
* Friday: 9am - 4pm

General enquiries

Telephone: +44 (0) 870 240 0480


Fax:+44 (0) 870 241 4115

SRF support queries:

Telephone:+44 (0) 115 748 4363

SRF support email:

The Sir Colin Campbell Building
University of Nottingham Innovation Park
Triumph Road

New Safer Internet Day Resources on Purple Mash

Link to
In an exciting collaboration with Havering LA, Penny Patterson and Engayne Primary School, 2Simple provide you with 7 Internet Safety Resources.

The Minster School

The Minster School

Advancing Education Spring 2012

Welcome to the Spring 2012 issue of Advancing Education, which now has a more academic slant than previously. To begin we have a paper on 'Outstanding Teachers, Practice and ICT use' from Andy Goodwyn and Carol Fuller – some useful messages here for teacher training and CPD. Julia Briggs explores a model for online learning in primary schools while the potential of 3D projection in the classroom is the subject for Professor Dr Anne Bamford in a paper produced by the Learning in Future Education (LiFE) project. Next up we have an update from Scotland on the Keith Memory Blog, an online project recording memories of the old Keith Primary before it was replaced by a new school in February 2012, provided by Claire Griffiths. Voting systems have been around for some time and in the paper by Samuel King their use in undergraduate mathematics teaching is explored, with lessons that go beyond that sector to include maths and science subjects in all phases.

Regular contributor Bob Harrison raises further key questions, this time asking “Will investment in ICT/Digital Technologies raise standards?” He explores whether, in fact, this is actually the wrong question to be asking.

We finish with our popular sponsors section with case studies on Ergo’s ‘Total Control’ solution, a Steljes report on a BSF installation, an NEC paper on the use of 3D projection in a German school plus an example of Britannica Image Quest in a London school.
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