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3rd Millennium Learning Award: Renew

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Third Millennium Learning Award- Renew your Award


Naace Career Meet and Greet

Career Development Meet and Greet

This is your opportunity to find people and organisations who can help your career. Partners of Naace - companies, higher education institutions, assessment bodies and other organisations who use freelance Assessors, Trainers, Consultants or Representatives - will be on hand. As you circulate amongst their tables you will be able to find people you wish to talk to during the conference and gather information on ways to develop your career - or even find a job!

As the need for schools to demonstrate impact grows, Naace members increasingly need to build their portfolio of expertise and accreditation. Start the Conference by discovering the diverse opportunities.

(For those wishing to meet potential Assessors, Trainers, Consultants or Representatives we ask that you produce a brief statement listing the kinds of people you employ freelance, part-time or full-time, the expertise you require them to have, and training and accreditation you provide. The intention of this meet and greet is to enable you to identify people with whom to have longer discussions during the exhibition period the following day.)

Naace & NEC BETT Raffle - Winner announced

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Congratulations to pupils at South Bromsgrove High School who will soon be enjoying the benefits of an NEC V260X 3D ready projector thanks to Keith Buncle who entered the Naace raffle sponsored by NEC Display Solutions at the BETT Show.


Naace Annual Report 2012

This report covers the period for the financial year July 2011 to end of June 2012; this report will be reviewed at the AGM taking place on 8 March 2013 at the Naace Strategic Conference, Leicester Marriott Hotel.

Over the past year Naace has continued to pursue activities that focus around the needs of members with particular emphasis on supporting colleagues facing radical changes in their work patterns and environment. The closure of Becta has forced an increase in the need for collaboration and presented opportunities for greater engagement with Government and other organisations. Each activity is based around the central theme of delivering professional services to members and the wider community, and complements strategies of the DfE and other home countries.

Doug Dickinson

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Please see Doug's supporting statement.

ICT CPD 4 Free

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Naace is pleased to announce the launch of a new web site, sponsored by TDA, offering ICT teachers FREE on-line continuing professional development opportunities.

The materials are available on and they are totally free to use.


Sponsors Opportunities

Sponsors opportunities

Review Club

Join the Naace Review Club today and gain access to FREE publications and resources.

Check currently available titles, they are up for grabs for Naace members*.

All we’re asking from you is to submit a short review (circa 200 words) for inclusion on the Naace website and the Naace Newsletter.

* subject to availability. Titles will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.
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