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E-safety Quiz - win fantastic prizes from Sumdog

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As part of Naace's celebrations of the Safer Internet Day on Tue 8th February 2011, we are inviting you to take part in a short E-safet quiz and be in with a chance to win fantastic prizes.


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Sharing the current curriculum issues, concerns and debates, along with the Naace Curriculum Framework.

The Naace Curriculum Framework provides an outline for a broad and balanced approach to the ICT curriculum and this area links to examples of how it has been put in place, to professional development opportunities and to the current debates, discussions and consultations. Share your own ideas, suggestions, resources and links via the wiki and the discussion area.

Naace Connect

Filming the latest episode
Naace Connect is an online video magazine for Naace members and others interested in educational ICT. Each programme is approximately half an hour in length and divided into 5 minute episodes which include interviews with practitioners, key stakeholders and thinkers in educational ICT. Naace Connect is distributed online via and other appropriate online channels and is covered by a Creative Commons Licence and we encourage you to distribute the episodes to help spread the word about good educational ICT practice.

Naace KS3 ICT Framework

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Update 12th April: In addition to the full draft, the Naace ICT Framework has been developed in response to the recent curriculum consultations.

Update 11th May: A revised version of the Naace ICT Framework and the more detailed KS3 document has now been added to this page.

We invite all Naace members to consider this draft and to make comment - this is a community project. If you would like to be involved in the community group discussion please email who will invite you into the discussion. Alternatively members can simply log in to see and make comments on this page directly.


Self-review Framework

Self Review Framework
The Self-review Framework (SRF) provides a structure for reviewing your school’s use of technology and its impact on school improvement.

It is designed to help you review your use of technology in a structured way, which will in turn help inform your overall school improvement strategy and plans. Additionally, because the SRF compliments the inspection frameworks, its use can provide compelling evidence in support of your school’s inspection profile. A powerful tool packed with guidance will help you develop a strong vision and map a course for the future. Sign up now for only £50+vat for immediate access at


The Board of Management

Naace is a Registered Charity with an associated trading company, Naace (Trading) Ltd. It has a Board of Management elected by the membership of the Association. The Board is responsible for ensuring that the Charity fulfils its charitable objectives, approving the strategic development of the Association and providing advice and guidance to the Executive Committee.

Naace Annual Reports and Accounts

Naace operates as a charity with an associated trading company and as such is required to operate under the scrutiny of a Board of Trustees. Members of the Board, who work voluntarily under charity rules ensure that the Association’s business is conducted within a framework of development plans. The full narrative and disclosures required under accounting requirements are given in the report and accounts which are available on request.

The reporting period for Annual Reports and Accounts is from 1 July - 30 June.

Annual Reports are available here for all Naace Members to download for review.


E-safety online resources

Please see below for a selection of online safe resources

Open Government Licence -

Exhibition 2016

Join us at this key networking and learning platform
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