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The Board of Management

Naace is a Registered Charity with an associated trading company, Naace (Trading) Ltd. It has a Board of Management elected by the membership of the Association. The Board is responsible for ensuring that the Charity fulfils its charitable objectives, approving the strategic development of the Association and providing advice and guidance to the Executive Committee.

Student Membership

Naace membership is open to any person who is able to contribute to the achievement of its primary aim: to advance education through the appropriate use of technology. Applications are welcome from anyone who shares the aim of the Association.

The Naace Curriculum - A Framework

The Naace curriculum area is the place to find all the latest updates to the Naace Curriculum Framework. This has been developed in consultation with members to offer a comprehensive, coherent and flexible starting point for schools to review and develop their own personalised curriculum. Supporting materials will be added to the relevant key stage curriculum pages.

Information from our speakers at Bett 2016

More information from our speakers at Bett 2016

Naace 3rd Millennium Hothouse Sponsors

The strength of Naace as an Association is that a number of commercial companies wish to be associated with us and to work with us in partnership to make things happen.

We are proud to detail below the sponsors of the forthcoming Naace 3rd Millennium Hothouse.

Naace Strategic Conference 2015 - Sponsors & Exhibitors

We are delighted to confirm details of companies involved in the Naace Conference 2015


Advancing Education Spring 2013

In this edition of Advancing Education Ian Lynch explores learning through the use of digital technologies for real and professional purposes and usefully reminds us that, “Technology is a human construct drawn from science, arts and invention”. We further focus on the role of online learning, with Christian Smith’s paper on online learning as both a learner and leader while Noreen Dunnett considers whether the Twittersphere is the new VLE as she reports on the use of Twitter with ITT students. Dr Helen Boulton reports on another project with trainee teachers to develop technology-based practice within core subjects and to encourage reflective and collaborative practice.

Back in the classroom Steve Bunce explores the role of knitting and its relation ship to programming while Mark Baker offers his thoughts on the Victorian classroom compared to its modern counterpart and Glenys Hart considers several freely available tools for supporting literacy in her article, “Words and Pictures”. Mark Baker, in a second paper, offers his thoughts on copyright issues in schools and the launch of - essential reading. Meanwhile Nick Goligher reports on RiskIT at Bangkok Patana School. We also have our usual sponsoring partner papers with contributions from NEC and Capita IT Services Ltd.
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