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3rd Millennium Learning Award: Renew

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Third Millennium Learning Award- Renew your Award


Review Club

Join the Naace Review Club today and gain access to FREE publications and resources.

Check currently available titles, they are up for grabs for Naace members*.

All we’re asking from you is to submit a short review (circa 200 words) for inclusion on the Naace website and the Naace Newsletter.

* subject to availability. Titles will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

The Future of Technology in our Schools: What Next?

The Future of Technology in our Schools: What Next?

Naace was delighted to partner with The Policy Exchange to consider 'The Future of Technology - What next?'

This invitation only event, on the morning of Thursday 8 September, kicked off the autumn term with a flourish as eminent speakers gathered in London to share their wisdom and engage policymakers, the press and a wider audience in a lively debate about the Future of Technology in our schools. With support from Naace Sponsoring Partners - BESA, Intel, Pearson and Wyse - Naace hopes to establish a clear rationale for ensuring that policymakers are well briefed about the value, impact and cost efficiency of technology use in schools.


Naace 3rd Millennium Hothouse - Equipping And Empowering Teachers for a New ICT Framework

Following the publication of the Naace ICT Curriculum Framework we are delighted to announce the Naace 3rd Millennium Hothouse.

The Four Nations Maths Challenge

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The UK’s largest maths competition is coming! The Four Nations Maths Challenge is the official lead up event to the World Education Games 2012. Every single school in the UK is invited to take part. Join us in a celebration of numbers as children from the four nations unite in their quest to reach the top of the leader board by answering thousands of maths questions. We are looking for as many UK schools and students as possible to join this exciting maths event.

Member and Partner Resources

Check out resources developed by Naace members and partnees

Contact us

For all queries relating to registering and exhibiting please contact the Naace Annual Strategic Conference Support team.

Naace Impact Awards 2011

The new Naace Impact awards are to recognise the impact of ICT on learning across and beyond the school curriculum. They are awarded to the practitioners who can best demonstrate the impact that technology has had on learner outcomes.
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