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Membership v Sponsorship

Naace is a community of educators.

Everyone who shares our passion for advancing education through the appropriate use of technology is invited to join Naace - either as per our individual, institutional or corporate membership (which we refer to as the Naace Charitable Sponsorship Programme).


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ICT and Learning

Festival of Code 2013: Young Rewired State Bradford

Siobhan Ramsey is a specialist in Computing, Digital & Text Literacies with extensive experience in schools working with children and teachers as computational thinkers and digital makers.

As a sponsor for Computing at Schools, she has a lead role in digital badges for the CAS network of excellence, is a Fellow of Naace and MirandaNet and a member of ALT, CSTA and ISTE.

Sandbox Education runs a free code club, and recently launched a social network hosting infographics and data visualisation tools curated by learners teaching themselves to code. She has expertise in building responsive, retina ready web sites, networks and learning systems for schools and the third sector.

Contact or by mobile 07984403380

Naace Conference 2014 - Advertising slots in the Conference Guide

The conference delegate guide is distributed free to every person attending the conference. It maps out the entire event for attendees by providing programme updates, a floor plan with details of all exhibitors and more.

The guide also serves as a comprehensive and quick reference point for attendees to use after the Conference so they may make their future buying decisions efficiently and easily.

This year we are providing limited advertising space within the guide.

Naace Research Papers

Naace is pleased to draw attention to the Research Papers on ICT in Education.

If you have ideas about research that can be included - such as papers from recent years that have been lodged on other sites that no longer exist - or if you would like to help to curate this store please contact


Paul Scott Biography

Paul Scott Biography

Mount Pleasant Primary School

Mount Pleasant Community Primary School
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