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How Technology Inspires Creativity in the Classroom

Creative children need technology. Nadia Hyeong explains how tablet and smartphone devices in the classroom can inspire creativity.
Image courtesy of Tuchodi of Flickr
Image courtesy of Tuchodi of Flickr

2014 conference presentations

Please find below presentations from Keynote speakers and breakout sessions which took place over both days of the 2014 Naace Strategic Conference.

Advancing Education Summer 2012

ISSN 2050-1331

Welcome to the Summer 2012 issue of Advancing Education. This bumper issue with articles ranging across all phases demonstrates that development of ICT is alive and well with robust academic debate continuing.

This time we have a study of student perception of ICT from Pete Bradshaw, while Steve Ingle explores whether Web 3.0 is the answer to information overload. Educational robotic applications have come a long way since the Logo Turtles and Dave Catlin and Mike Blamires consider principles for utilisation of robot devices in education settings. The computer science debate is explored by Mark Baker while Jim Fanning discusses school experiences of a learning platform. Thre is also a report on the Somerset Visualiser Project and with e-readers increasingly popular issues around these devices are explored while by Sandie Gay and Tina Richardson.

We also have our usual sponsors case studies including a report on web conferencing in Scottish schools, internet filtering, RadioWaves, Switched on ICT and the impact of wireless networks.


Third Millennium Learning Award: Guides

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Third Millennium Learning Award: Guides


NMSP: Quality Assured

NMSP 2.0 logo
The Naacemark for Service Providers: Quality Assured (NMSP: QA) is a quality assurance scheme through which organisations (LAs, commercial entities, individuals and others) can undertake a process of self-review to ensure that their policies and procedures are fit-for-purpose.

Any organisation may use these materials when developing or reviewing the quality of their provision.

Naace Conference and Exhibition 2012

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The conference is taking place at the Marriott Hotel in Leicester from Thursday 8 - Saturday 10 March 2012.

The theme for 2012 is '3rd Millennium Learning - The Compelling Case for ICT'.

Help lead the way with ICT at the new format Naace conference.

The 2012 Naace Strategic Conference, 3rd Millennium Learning - the
Compelling Case for ICT, will have multiple strands to meet the CPD needs of the heterogeneous Naace Audience.

Across all three days of the Conference, we will address the impact of ICT and the imperatives for schools, learning and CPD. Keynote presenters will address the central issues and there will be a wide choice of breakout sessions—some of which are delivered by you!

There will be many opportunities for networking and also the highlights of Impact Awards, Conference Dinner, sponsoring partner presentations and much more. Senior leaders in schools and Academies, aspiring subject leaders of ICT, all independent consultants, LA ICT staff and industry leaders will find the
sessions and the networking invaluable.

Book your place Now!

The Future of Technology in our Schools: What Next?

The Future of Technology in our Schools: What Next?

Naace was delighted to partner with The Policy Exchange to consider 'The Future of Technology - What next?'

This invitation only event, on the morning of Thursday 8 September, kicked off the autumn term with a flourish as eminent speakers gathered in London to share their wisdom and engage policymakers, the press and a wider audience in a lively debate about the Future of Technology in our schools. With support from Naace Sponsoring Partners - BESA, Intel, Pearson and Wyse - Naace hopes to establish a clear rationale for ensuring that policymakers are well briefed about the value, impact and cost efficiency of technology use in schools.


Naace Conference 2013 - Confirmed exhibitors

The following companies will be showcasing their products and services at the Naace Conference 2013

Confirmed Sponsors and Exhibitors

The following organisations are involved in the Conference 2016.
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