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Naace Conference and Exhibition 2012

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The conference is taking place at the Marriott Hotel in Leicester from Thursday 8 - Saturday 10 March 2012.

The theme for 2012 is '3rd Millennium Learning - The Compelling Case for ICT'.

Help lead the way with ICT at the new format Naace conference.

The 2012 Naace Strategic Conference, 3rd Millennium Learning - the
Compelling Case for ICT, will have multiple strands to meet the CPD needs of the heterogeneous Naace Audience.

Across all three days of the Conference, we will address the impact of ICT and the imperatives for schools, learning and CPD. Keynote presenters will address the central issues and there will be a wide choice of breakout sessions—some of which are delivered by you!

There will be many opportunities for networking and also the highlights of Impact Awards, Conference Dinner, sponsoring partner presentations and much more. Senior leaders in schools and Academies, aspiring subject leaders of ICT, all independent consultants, LA ICT staff and industry leaders will find the
sessions and the networking invaluable.

Book your place Now!

Pupil Engagement Survey in partnership with Frog & Mirandanet

Pupil engagement survey in partnership with Frog & Mirandanet

Naace 3rd Millennium Hothouse - Equipping And Empowering Teachers for a New ICT Framework

Following the publication of the Naace ICT Curriculum Framework we are delighted to announce the Naace 3rd Millennium Hothouse.

ICT CPD 4 Free

Link to

Naace is pleased to announce the launch of a new web site, sponsored by TDA, offering ICT teachers FREE on-line continuing professional development opportunities.

The materials are available on and they are totally free to use.


Further Information for schools

Further Information For Schools
Welcome to the Naace Schools Corner, a dedicated place for schools, where you will be able to find:
Access to online journals and resources; Links to FREE online, and discounted face-to-face, professional development opportunities; Special offers and discounts on purchases from educational suppliers; Invites to exclusive Naace competitions and much more...

Naace Professional Code of Practice

Naace is the professional association for those who are concerned with advancing education through the appropriate use of technology.

All Naace Members commit annually to adhering to the Professional Code of Practice.

Becta launches ICT Services Framework

Becta has announced 25 new, high quality suppliers to help schools, FE colleges and training providers save time and money on their ICT systems in a fully EU-compliant manner. The suppliers are fully capable of meeting the required technical and service requirements and of understanding the education and skills sectors’ needs. The framework runs until November 2014.


This page provides links through to the different professional development opportunities that Naace is involved with.

Assessment Resources

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Along with increased freedom and flexibility for their curriculum design, the 2014 English National Curriculum provides increased scope for schools to adopt an assessment system that works for them. In a world without DfE-led levels, the resources shared by our members will give teachers and schools some concrete examples as they consider their own approach to the assessment of Computing.

Some resources are freely available, whilst others are part of commercial packages. Some provide an approach which reflects the world of levels from which we are moving, whilst others provide criteria-based assessment. All have taken into careful consideration all of the Computing content in the English National Curriculum.

Choose the resources that are most appropriate for your own school and - as you would for an "off the shelf" curriculum package - adapt to meet the needs of your own school, giving due acknowledgment to those who have kindly shared their work with our community.

Files can be downloaded from the bottom of this page and links have been included to sources within the table below.


Self-review Framework and ICT Mark course - June 2013

Supporting the SRF and working towards the ICT Mark
Naace has developed a Self-review Framework (SRF) support course for personnel who are working with schools and within schools to support their progression through the SRF, with special emphasis on how to achieve ICT Mark accreditation.

This course is aimed at schools engaged on the SRF journey but may also be useful to support providers working with a number of schools.
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