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Naace Impact Awards 2011 - Winners

The new Naace Impact awards are to recognise the impact of ICT on learning across and beyond the school curriculum. They are awarded to the practitioners who can best demonstrate the impact that technology has had on learner outcomes.

Self-review Framework

Self Review Framework
The Self-review Framework (SRF) provides a structure for reviewing your school’s use of technology and its impact on school improvement.

It is designed to help you review your use of technology in a structured way, which will in turn help inform your overall school improvement strategy and plans. Additionally, because the SRF compliments the inspection frameworks, its use can provide compelling evidence in support of your school’s inspection profile. A powerful tool packed with guidance will help you develop a strong vision and map a course for the future. Sign up now for only £50+vat for immediate access at


Professional Development Events

Professional Development Events are those crucial learning opportunities, developed and delivered by Naace members for Naace members. Being part of a supportive professional community provides valuable learning opportunities for all of those who are passionate about using technology to transform learning. And Naace accreditation of Events and Tutors brings an assurance that high standards can be expected by those who participate in such events.

3rd Millennium Learning Award: Renew

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Third Millennium Learning Award- Renew your Award


Review Club

Join the Naace Review Club today and gain access to FREE publications and resources.

Check currently available titles, they are up for grabs for Naace members*.

All we’re asking from you is to submit a short review (circa 200 words) for inclusion on the Naace website and the Naace Newsletter.

* subject to availability. Titles will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

Partners List

All current Naace Sponsoring Partners

E-safety Quiz - win fantastic prizes from Sumdog

Link to
As part of Naace's celebrations of the Safer Internet Day on Tue 8th February 2011, we are inviting you to take part in a short E-safet quiz and be in with a chance to win fantastic prizes.


This is where you will find all Naace publications current and past and all articles.

Individual Membership

Naace membership is open to any person who is able to contribute to the achievement of its primary aim: to advance education through the appropriate use of technology. Applications are welcome from anyone who shares the aim of the Association.

Naace Fellow Membership

Naace Fellow logo
Any Member who can provide evidence of having made an active contribution to the technology Community beyond that required by their job role in education and commits to continue to do so while a Fellow, is invited to apply.
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