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Naace Strategic Conference 2015 - Sponsors & Exhibitors

We are delighted to confirm details of companies involved in the Naace Conference 2015



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A fantastic opportunity to encourage ALL the teachers in your school to try out a new tech-based tool to enhance teaching and learning, whatever subject they are teaching. RiskIT is a campaign that can be adopted in and adapted for your own setting so that teachers are empowered, encouraged and supported in trying something different. It may be a different tech tool, or using a tool they are already familiar with in a different way. RISKingIT is a commitment to continuing professional development and advancing education, whatever the subject area, through the appropriate and effective use of technology. Will your school adopt the campaign this year?


Programmes of Study and Attainment targets in ICT

As you are all aware the Department for Education is currently running a consultation regarding the Programmes of Study and Attainment targets in ICT. This consultation closes on 11 April 2012.

We have been asked to remind you all that this consultation is taking place and to encourage you all to respond.


Naace Conference 2014 - Confirmed Sponsors

We're delighted that the following industry partners are supporting the Naace Conference 2014.

Accredited NaaceMark 2.0 Service Providers

NMSP2.0 logo
These Service Providers have been accredited for one or more service area under the new NaaceMark 2.0 for Service Providers scheme.


Naace has quality assurance schemes for all those working in education. See NaaceMark for Service Providers and the Certified Naace Professionals Scheme. Naace administers the ICT Mark for UK schools and ITEM for schools abroad.

Naace Impact Awards 2014

The Naace Impact awards recognise the impact of Technology on learning across and beyond the school curriculum. They are awarded to practitioners who can best demonstrate the impact that technology has had on learner outcomes.

School Competition

Naace will be celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2014.
To mark the occasion, we'll be inviting schools to enter this year's competition.


Exhibitor Zone

The definitive conference for Strategic Leaders of ICT in Education

The financial and educational landscape is changing rapidly. At the same time the needs of learners and the needs of society make digital literacy and creativity continuing priorities for us all. The Naace Strategic Conference is recognised as one of the key forums for exploring, debating and challenging current thinking about technology and learning. With top-flight keynote speakers, workshops on topical issues, and an exhibition with the most innovative suppliers, Naace 2011 is the place to be!
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