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ICT Mark - Benefits of ICT Mark accreditation

ICT Mark - Benefits of ICT Mark accreditation

If you are working through the Self-review Framework then you share our belief that technology is a tool for school improvement. If you have reached the ICT Mark standard in all aspects of the framework then you have achieved a standard of e-maturity that is worth celebrating!

Press Release: The Future of Technology in our Schools: What Next?

“ICT is a fundamental tool that every modern state needs”, said The Rt Hon Francis Maude MP, Minister for the Cabinet Office and Paymaster General in the Government ICT Strategy Mar 2011, but is it being used to maximum effect to raise standards in our schools and in view of the significant transformational effect it can have, is there enough policy direction attributed to it? This was the question posed today at The Future of Technology in our Schools: What Next? - a packed event chaired by Conservative Lord Lucas of Crudwell and Dingwall and co-hosted by Policy Exchange an independent think tank committed to an evidence-based approach to policy development and Naace, the voice of the UK education technology community whose members include teachers, school leaders, advisors and consultants working within and across all phases of UK education.

Become an Intel Education Ambassador!

Intel and Naace are looking for classroom teachers or school leaders to become Intel Education Ambassadors. You don’t need to be a tech expert but you do need to be an advocate and someone who is ready to inspire others.

Naace Conference and Exhibition 2012

 - click for full size image
The conference is taking place at the Marriott Hotel in Leicester from Thursday 8 - Saturday 10 March 2012.

The theme for 2012 is '3rd Millennium Learning - The Compelling Case for ICT'.

Help lead the way with ICT at the new format Naace conference.

The 2012 Naace Strategic Conference, 3rd Millennium Learning - the
Compelling Case for ICT, will have multiple strands to meet the CPD needs of the heterogeneous Naace Audience.

Across all three days of the Conference, we will address the impact of ICT and the imperatives for schools, learning and CPD. Keynote presenters will address the central issues and there will be a wide choice of breakout sessions—some of which are delivered by you!

There will be many opportunities for networking and also the highlights of Impact Awards, Conference Dinner, sponsoring partner presentations and much more. Senior leaders in schools and Academies, aspiring subject leaders of ICT, all independent consultants, LA ICT staff and industry leaders will find the
sessions and the networking invaluable.

Book your place Now!

Enabling 21st Century Education through Technology - Invitation to the Intel Symposium at BETT UK & 3rd Millennium Learning Awards Ceremony

Naace is delighted to share with you details of the Enabling 21st Century Education through Technology event, incorporating the 3rd Millennium Learning Awards ceremony.

We would like to invite you to this Intel Symposium at BETT 2012 and would be delighted if you could attend.

e-Safety News

A collection of recent news articles and guidance.

Brave New World School Competition winners

Following the success of the Next Generation Empowering Learning Competition 2010 and the great feedback we’ve received from schools across the UK, this year again we’re inviting schools in 3 categories (Early Years& KS1, KS2 and KS3) to design artwork for the Naace Strategic Conference Magazine.

The theme for this year's Competition is: Brave New World: Changing Times in Education
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