Press release: Obama in your school? - 3rd millennium learning in practice

Author: Chris Stott
President Obama visits 3rd Millennium Learning Award school

Press Release

Obama in your school? - 3rd millennium learning in practice

Congratulations are due to Mount Pleasant Primary School in Newport for showing us all just what can be achieved when you set about bringing the real outside world into your school. 

Giving children experience of the world outside their school and bringing 'real-world' experiences into school is a big part of how schools are creating '3rd millennium learning'. Mount Pleasant Primary School are one of the 90+ schools that have gained the Naace 3rd Millennium Learning Award. You can see the kinds of learning experiences the children have in the school in the video for parents they created as part of their Award submission -

You can easily imagine the great wealth of learning activities that will grow from the visit by Barack Obama. It is something that the children will remember for the rest of their lives. The teachers will be able to capitalise on this for many months to come, in all sorts of ways, with the excitement it has created driving the pupils to engage even more with the tasks their teachers set.

Mark Chambers, Naace Chief Executive said "This is a really good example of how schools that are creating 3rd millennium learning experiences for their pupils are taking education to a new level. The opportunities of the connected world enable schools to connect what they do in school with 'real-world' experiences that will strongly engage pupils and bring more relevance to their learning.”

Notes for Editors

Naace is the National Association for all who are working to take education to the next level of pupil achievement. Schools that are properly capitalising on computer technology and the Internet offer their pupils a curriculum and learning experiences that are not possible without technology, which is the key enabler. This includes the Computing curriculum but is much wider, involving the use of technology to transform pedagogy and learning interactions across the whole school.  We are a community of schools, teachers and all those who work in schools and members of the Education Technology industry, who all share a vision for the role of technology in improving and transforming learning and teaching.

As a professional association, we represent the voice of the UK education technology community in the schools sector at a national and international level, as well as supporting one another across the sector through conferences, courses and the dissemination of resources, research and reflection. We play a key role in members’ professional development, through the challenge and support of a community of practice.

As a charity we aid the development of the profession as a whole and all schools, through the sharing of innovation and expertise, including provision of a range of school improvement tools such as the Self Review Framework and ICT Mark, the 3rd Millennium Learning Award toolbox and online professional development courses through the CPD4Free service.


The 3rd Millennium Learning Award enable schools to demonstrate how they are providing an education fit for the 21st century. It celebrates schools' achievements in creating an environment and curriculum that stimulate more and better learning, making full use of the opportunities presented by technology.

This is a peer-referenced Award, with no set criteria, as schools enable their pupils to experience 3rd Millennium Learning in very diverse ways. Judgement of the submissions by schools for the Award is made by a ‘college’ of schools that have already gained the Award and the Award Steering Group comprised of 3rd Millennium Learning Guides. The Guides are Naace members who have demonstrated understanding of 3rd millennium learning approaches, by review of a range of both primary and secondary schools that have gained the Award.

Naace hopes and expects that by sharing the experiences of schools that the extent and quality of 3rd millennium learning and the significantly raised achievement of pupils that results will spread and grow.

Press release: Obama in your school? - 3rd millennium learning in practice
President Obama visits 3rd Millennium Learning Award school