Student Membership

Naace membership is open to any person who is able to contribute to the achievement of its primary aim: to advance education through the appropriate use of technology. Applications are welcome from anyone who shares the aim of the Association.

How do I join Naace?

There are currently 2 ways to achieve the Naace student member status:

  • Apply online here - and choose the £10 Student option. You will have to provide evidence of your student status to Naace.
  • Apply for the first Naace open badge - Curriculum Insight – Computing Level 1. If successful, you will also receive 1 year student membership free of charge. You'll find more about the badge at the bottom of this page.

What do I get as a member of Naace?

The key benefits that are available to Naace members include:

  • Support through community, networking & collaboration
  • Career enhancing opportunities - e.g. opportunity to contribute to Naace activities such as Naace Curriculum Development, Self-review Framework Committee, Naace Board of Management or various Naace Expert Groups
  • Representation nationally & internationally - invitations to contribute to Naace consultations
  • Resources - bi-weekly e-Newsletter, online academic publications and guidance papers
  • Naace member exclusive opportunities e.g. discounts on purchases from selected suppliers or free product trials
  • Discounts to attend events throughout the year, including: CPD events, Think Tanks, Regional Conferences and the Naace Annual Strategic Conference
  • Opportunity to apply for the coveted 3rd Millennium Learning Award (if you are a school member)
  • Access to a FREE Self-review Framework demo account that enables Members to explore the tool and its features

And much more…

New Naace badge for students interested in the computing curriculum

We have recently launched the first Naace digital badge: Curriculum Insight – Computing Level 1. The badge, initially designed for a group of students from Plymouth University, is now available to the wider community. 

Students are encouraged to complete a simple task (a short survey in this case) and, if qualified, they receive an invitation to claim a Mozilla open badge and create an online Mozilla badge back pack (or add the badge to their existing backpack if they had one already). Those who complete the task are also given one year free Naace membership; we are hoping that they will be able to continue with their membership next year.

The survey linked to the badge can be accessed here
Curriculum Insight - Computing Level 1 
This is an entry level badge that accredits the holder’s knowledge and understanding of a computing curriculum. It is not intended to be comprehensive in its scope or to indicate significant expertise. It is, however, a good indication that the holder has shown interest in a computing curriculum and has taken the time to explore concepts, pedagogy, tools and appropriate content. The holder has successfully demonstrated this capability by passing a survey which has been designed to test their knowledge and understanding.

The survey which underpins the award of this badge seeks to assure the holder’s entry level knowledge and understanding of aspects of digital literacy, information technology and computer science.
A threshold survey pass mark of 80% is used to indicate that the holder’s knowledge and understanding of those areas covered by the survey is secure.

Computing Level 2 will demonstrate a holder’s application of knowledge and understanding.
Computing Level 3 will demonstrate a holder’s leadership in sharing and transferring knowledge and understanding.

Latest offers for students   

Students! Now you can get a complimentary copy of Office! - a special offer from Microsoft

At Microsoft, everyone is united behind a single goal – help prepare students to become the best they can be.

Now, there’s an exciting new benefit that aims to go a long way to achieve that goal. 99% of university students in the UK can now obtain complimentary access to Office. This automatically updatable, subscription-based software ensures students always have the latest version of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, OneNote, and more for as long as they’re a student within a qualifying institution and the program continues.According to IDC, students with Office skills are better prepared for work in the professional world and this new benefit offers the following:

  • Install Office on up to 5 compatible PCs and Macs, plus 5 tablets (inc iPad)
  • Use with OneDrive (1TB cloud storage) for automatic device syncing
  • Gain valuable skills on the world’s most popular document software
  • Use the same programs as the faculty to ensure full file fidelityThis offer is available to all students at qualifying institutions.

To get your complimentary Office, simply contact your institutions IT department and discuss the fact that they can offer the Office 365 ProPlus Benefit to students as part of their institutions Office 365 Education agreement.

Please feel free to contact the membership team, for further details or to discuss membership options. Phone: 0115 748 4367 Email:

Student Membership
Naace membership is open to any person who is able to contribute to the achievement of its primary aim: to advance education through the appropriate use of technology. Applications are welcome from anyone who shares the aim of the Association.