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Press Release - Schools must take the lead in helping young people deal with online dangers - 22nd August 2013

The new esafety briefing from Ofsted highlights why schools should take the lead on esafety. Naace can see clearly how some schools are successfully helping their pupils stay safe. These schools engage the young people in the esafety process and they ensure school systems are not 'locked down', so that pupils can gain experience of how to stay safe online when not in school. The Ofsted briefing reflects this saying "Pupils were more vulnerable overall when schools used locked down systems because they were not given enough opportunities to learn how to assess and manage risk for themselves."


Naace works with EVERYONE who shares our passion to advance education through the appropriate use of technology - We are a charity, a community of educators, technologists and policy makers who share a vision for the role of technology in advancing teaching and learning. Our members include teachers, school leaders, advisors and consultants working within and across all phases of UK education. Commercial businesses like yours may become Naace Sponsoring Partners.

The Naace Charitable Sponsorship Programme provides you with an opportunity to support a truly independent association, that seeks to build an even stronger community voice that in turn enables us to influence policy for the benefit of ALL involved in technology in education.

The Naace Curriculum - A Framework

The Naace curriculum area is the place to find all the latest updates to the Naace Curriculum Framework. This has been developed in consultation with members to offer a comprehensive, coherent and flexible starting point for schools to review and develop their own personalised curriculum. Supporting materials will be added to the relevant key stage curriculum pages.

Information from our speakers at Bett 2016

More information from our speakers at Bett 2016

Naace 3rd Millennium Hothouse Sponsors

The strength of Naace as an Association is that a number of commercial companies wish to be associated with us and to work with us in partnership to make things happen.

We are proud to detail below the sponsors of the forthcoming Naace 3rd Millennium Hothouse.

Naace Strategic Conference 2015 - Sponsors & Exhibitors

We are delighted to confirm details of companies involved in the Naace Conference 2015



Naace Communities is the place to meet like minded professionals who have opted to join this active community of practice. If you are looking for support, guidance, mentoring, banter or debate then you are sure to find it here. Setup or refresh your profile today!

Naace KS3 ICT Framework

 - click for full size image
Update 12th April: In addition to the full draft, the Naace ICT Framework has been developed in response to the recent curriculum consultations.

Update 11th May: A revised version of the Naace ICT Framework and the more detailed KS3 document has now been added to this page.

We invite all Naace members to consider this draft and to make comment - this is a community project. If you would like to be involved in the community group discussion please email who will invite you into the discussion. Alternatively members can simply log in to see and make comments on this page directly.

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