Naace Sponsoring Partners are able to:


Receive and contribute to the Naace bi-weekly and special Sponsors Newsletter - Naace newsletter assists sales teams in understanding the marketplace. 

• Attend Two FREE Sponsoring Partner Events per year - Meet with other Sponsoring Partners, Naace Board and Office representatives for updates on key developments in ICT  and education, often delivered by keynote speakers, and opportunities for discussion. 


Have your own webpage on the Naace website - Update it as often as you like & link to your own website.

Market your products and services via exclusive Naace initiatives - Reach thousands of schools by contributing prizes for Naace Schools Competitions and gain valuable data through surveys & product trials carried out on behalf of your company.


Once you are a sponsoring partner you can leverage Naace messages about the impact of technology on learning, to support your own marketing, by becoming a Third Millennium Learning Partner. Naace will be pleased to work with you to identify the ways schools are getting the maximum impact on learning through use of your products.

By becoming a Third Millennium Learning Partner you can work with Naace to create statements, case studies, white papers and video that will provide a solid educational under-pinning to your marketing. Check out the Third Millennium Learning Award videos - you may well already see your products in use and hear teachers and pupils talking about their impact on learning.


Gain direct access to key professionals - The Naace community is growing daily and includes both UK and overseas members from a variety of backgrounds and       responsibilities. 

Become a member of NaaceTalk - An active email forum where you can seek information, advice and guidance as well as track what  concerns the ICT in education community.

• Attend the Annual Strategic Conference, receive preferential invitations to exhibit and have your staff attend our CPD events - Sponsoring Partners may attend and receive       preferential invitations to exhibit at Naace events including the Annual Strategic       Conference. Sponsoring Partners’ staff can also book to attend other Naace events and      engage directly in their own CPD. 


• Use the Naace Sponsoring Partner logo 

• Advertise your vacancy on the Naace website 

• Get access to exclusive online resources like Advancing Education  

And much more...

Recent projects and initiatives that Naace has been able to carry out Thanks To Financial Support received from its Sponsoring Partners

You might know that Naace actively takes parts in raising awareness about using technology in education. It’s our mission to educate the public about the benefits of technology taught as a subject as well as used across the curriculum. 

We are most grateful for Sponsors’ financial support, which has enabled us to: 

• Provide FREE CPD to more than 4500 teachers across the UK and beyond through our website;

• Host FREE CPD events like The Naace Third Millennium Hothouse helping schools and  teachers to understand how to use technology so they're not afraid of investing in it and can see real benefits of using it in the classroom;

• Continue to run the ICT Mark accreditation scheme - helping schools to understand how to best use technology for their benefit;

• Continue our work to showcase excellence in schools and practitioner led developments in organisations through the 3rd Millennium Learning Award scheme and extended  ICT Impact Awards . 

• Be able to work on other CPD developments - Primary Subject Leaders course - and much awaited Strategic Leaders Programme - TOTAL 

• Produce high quality publications for use FREE of charge by members – these include our regular Newsletter, Advancing Education Journal; 

And here are some ideas for further involvement:

1. Self- review Framework - Naace has had to make a difficult decision to start charging schools who wish to use this valuable tool - would your company consider sponsoring schools in your area, who see the benefit of the framework and would like to regularly assess the level of their technology competency? 

2. ICT Mark – Do you work with schools that might be successfully using technology & should be rewarded for their success? With budgets constraints affecting schools across the UK – could you become a sponsor of their ICT Mark Award? 

3. Become a NaaceMark for Service Provider - be able to provide selected Naace products and services. 

4. Develop a deeper partnership with Naace - let us know if you’d like to work with Naace on e.g. co-constructing resources .

Naace Sponsoring Partner Benefits
Naace invites Sponsoring Partners to engage with the leading professional body for those working to advance education through ICT. As a Sponsoring Partner you are part of a vibrant and stimulating community that enables your organisation to be actively involved, well informed and completely up-to-date with developments and announcements in your marketplace.