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What is special about Naace PDE? It is

  • Strategic: Events address not just how to do things, but why. They empower delegates to deliver their own professional development later
  • Best of breed: Draws on national and international expertise
  • Interactive: delegates' different starting points are acknowledged and their expertise may be shared
  • More than face to face: Events are supported before, during and after through blended components, community components and impact measures


Naace PDE has four elements:

1.  An annual national programme of professional development events. The design and delivery of all these events meets the Naace PDE Quality Standards.  See these under the Quality Standards tab.

2.  The Accreditation of PDE Tutors.  All events are delivered by accredited tutors. Naace members can apply to be accredited tutors, opportunities for accreditation will be available every term.

3. The Accreditation of Events.  Naace members can apply to have their own events accredited, and thus become part of Naace PDE. Find out under the PDE Events tab.

4. Localised PDE.  Naace members can apply to deliver a local PDE programme by combining accredited events with accredited tutors, and working under the umbrella of an NMSP

Naace PDE can only be offered with the support of a  Naace Marked Service Provider (NMSP).

To find out more about offering Naace PDE, contact 

Professional Development Events
Professional Development Events are those crucial learning opportunities, developed and delivered by Naace members for Naace members. Being part of a supportive professional community provides valuable learning opportunities for all of those who are passionate about using technology to transform learning. And Naace accreditation of Events and Tutors brings an assurance that high standards can be expected by those who participate in such events.