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The PDE Quality Standards   

are applied to all tutor and event accreditation, so that you can be assured that wherever and whenever you choose Naace PDE, it will always be of the highest quality.


If you are considering the submission of an event of your own, please check the design quality standards.


If you wish to submit to be a PDE Tutor, please check the delivery quality standards.

PDE Standards
Quality learning experiences and materials are key to the reputation our members have built for themselves and so accreditation of Professional Development Experiences and tutors needs to reflect the highest possible standards.

We look for motivational PDE tutors, who are full of energy, enthusiasm and practical help. Our two stage accreditation process (see PDE tutors) looks for those who have appropriate subject knowledge and facilitation skills. They will either be NMSP's or working under the umbrella of an NMSP.

You can find the details of the required standards for PDE's and tutors below.