Press Release - Naace and Bett join forces to create national network of schools to support and grow the ICT Mark scheme

Author: Anna Street
Naace and Bett join forces to create national network of schools to support and grow the ICT Mark scheme.

Naace, the United Kingdom’s (UK) education sector ICT association and Bett, the world’s leading showcase of learning technologies, today announce a new partnership to grow participation in the ICT Mark scheme[1], a national accreditation programme which recognises and encourages the use of technology to improve teaching and learning across the curriculum.

Run by Naace, the ICT Mark programme has so far reached around 1,300 UK schools. Each ICT Mark-accredited school will be invited to become an ICT Mark Network Champion, reaching out to other schools in its local area to offer inspiration, information and guidance in the area of the effective technology-enhanced learning. The Champion schools will raise the profile of the ICT Mark and communicate the benefits of accreditation, hosting sessions for mutual support for schools who are committed to the development of ICT by embarking on the Self Review Framework journey. Starting in the autumn term, Champion schools will launch local networking communities, inviting neighbouring schools to observe best practice in action and join lively discussion sessions face-to-face and online. The Champion schools will raise the profile of the ICT Mark and communicate the benefits of accreditation.

Joe Willcox, strategy director for Bett, explains his team’s decision to invest in the future of the ICT Mark Scheme: “We have been hugely impressed with the way in which working towards ICT Mark accreditation enables schools to focus on using technology to achieve improved education outcomes across the curriculum. The power of the ICT Mark is only limited by the resources available to promote it. So we decided to offer our support in order to help Naace multiply the number of schools enjoying the benefits of accreditation. We believe this complements what Bett has evolved to become – a place for grassroots collaboration between educators who are passionate about the transformational power of ICT.”

Schools wishing to seek ICT Mark accreditation will be guided through the process and encouraged to use the Naace Self-review Framework tool[2]. Champion schools will also organise visits to Bett 2013 at London’s ExCeL, with the Bett organising team subsidising travel for Champions able to bring groups of new visitors to the event. Champions will help Bett first-time visitors to maximise the value of their trips, offering guidance on workshops, seminars and technology demonstrations best suited to the new visitors’ CPD needs.

Miles Berry, chair of the Naace Board of Management agrees: “ICT Mark schools demonstrate to parents, to prospective teachers and to their wider communities that they use technology to improve the quality of learning across the curriculum. The newly announced ICT Mark Network Champion schools will be supporting colleagues in their areas on their own professional development journeys. That this can be achieved with no additional strain on school finances is particularly welcome.”

Dave Wright, head of e-learning at Bradon Forest School, which has been awarded the Naace 3rd Millennium Award[3] which recognises the work of ICT Mark schools that are using technology to take learning on into new dimensions, sees the network as a valuable service for schools: "For several years, we have shared our experiences and resources with schools locally and internationally. This new scheme will enable us to share with a wider audience of all teachers and set up dialogues that will benefit us all in our teaching and learning. The loss of LEA links in many parts of the country has left a void that this new community will fill.”

The Bett team and Naace will be hosting an ICT Mark Network launch party in London on Wednesday 11 July, inviting ICT Mark-accredited schools from London and the southeast.

Notes for Editors

About Naace:
Naace is the ICT association; a community of educators, technologists and policy makers who share a vision for the role of technology in advancing education. Members include teachers, school leaders, advisors and consultants working within and across all phases of UK education.

1. The ICT Mark is an integral part of the Self-review Framework. It is recognition of a school's achievements in reaching a standard of maturity in their use of technology. This optional accreditation is evidence that the school has undergone an extensive and thorough review of its use of ICT. Award of the ICT Mark is made when the school has satisfied a visiting Assessor that their plans and provision have met or exceeded the national standard. Visits normally last half a day and may include review of curriculum plans, examination of systems and interviews with staff and pupils. In June 2012, over 2270 schools had been awarded the ICT Mark since the start of the scheme.

2. The Self-review Framework is an online tool launched in April 2006 to assist schools in identifying, improving and benchmarking the use of ICT (Information and Communications Technology) in learning, teaching and management of schools. Schools evaluate their progress against a 5-level scale for aspects of development grouped under six major elements  Since its introduction, over 17400  schools have used it to review and plan their use of technology.

3. The aim of the 3rd Millennium Learning Award is to enable schools to demonstrate how they are providing an education fit for the 21st century. It celebrates schools' achievements in creating an environment and curriculum that stimulate more and better learning, making full use of the opportunities presented by technology.  This is a peer-referenced Award, with no set criteria, as schools enable their pupils to experience 3rd millennium learning in very diverse ways. Judgement of the submissions by schools for the Award is made by a ‘college’ of schools that have already gained the Award and the Award Steering Group comprised of 3rd Millennium Learning Guides who have demonstrated understanding of the ‘dimensions’ of 3rd millennium learning approaches, by review of a range of both primary and secondary schools that have gained the Award.

About Bett
Celebrating its 29th anniversary in 2013, Bett has evolved to become the world’s leading showcase of learning technology and meeting place for everyone interested in the transformational power of ICT for learning and teaching.  With over 30,000 people expected to attend, Bett 2013 will offer live technology demonstrations and a wealth of co-located conference workshops, seminars and discussion events. Building on its success in the schools sector, the Bett show will welcome more visitors than ever before for the FE and HE sectors and from the training and HR departments of large enterprises. BETT 2013 will run over four days from Wednesday 30 January to Saturday 2 February at ExCel London.  For more information, please visit

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Press Release - Naace and Bett join forces to create national network of schools to support and grow the ICT Mark scheme
Naace and Bett join forces to create national network of schools to support and grow the ICT Mark scheme.