Press Release - UK Government recognises the importance of technology in education - 11th March 2014

Please see the latest press release from Naace below.

UK Government recognises the importance of technology in education 

Naace is very pleased to support the recently formed UK government Education Technology Action Group; the Naace Chief Executive Mark Chambers has been appointed as a member of the group.

Naace has been helping schools make the most effective use of technology ever since the Association was formed in 1984. In 2002 Naace launched the Naacemark to recognise schools making proper use of technology in all aspects of the school's work and life. This award for schools became the ICT Mark when it was passed to Becta who could promote it more widely. Since the end of Becta Naace has developed the Award still further, ensuring that the Self-review Framework that schools use to improve their use of technology is supported by all the main education agencies and bodies in the UK. 

There are now more than 4000 schools that have registered for access to the Self-review Framework online tool. And there is a steady stream of schools reaching the level of competence with technology that enables them to be awarded the ICT Mark to recognise their achievement.

Mark Chambers said "We have reached a critical time for the use of technology to advance education. Now that society as a whole and the majority of young people are getting access to the Internet through their mobile phones, tablets and home computers, a huge wealth of educational opportunity opens up to them through this. It is not over-stating the matter to say that education is moving to another level. We are extremely pleased so many schools make use of the Self-review Framework that Naace provides and we look forward greatly to the impact the Education Technology Action Group will have."

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Notes for Editors

Naace is the National Association for all who are working to take education to the next level of pupil achievement. Schools that are properly capitalising on computer technology and the Internet offer their pupils a curriculum and learning experiences that are not possible without technology, which is the key enabler. This includes the Computing curriculum but is much wider, involving the use of technology to transform pedagogy and learning interactions across the whole school.  We are a community of schools, teachers and all those who work in schools and members of the Education Technology industry, who all share a vision for the role of technology in improving and transforming learning and teaching.

As a professional association, we represent the voice of the UK education technology community in the schools sector at a national and international level, as well as supporting one another across the sector through conferences, courses and the dissemination of resources, research and reflection. We play a key role in members’ professional development, through the challenge and support of a community of practice.

As a charity we aid the development of the profession as a whole and all schools, through the sharing of innovation and expertise, including provision of a range of school improvement tools such as the Self-review Framework and ICT Mark, the 3rd Millennium Learning Award toolbox and online professional development courses through the CPD4Free service.

Press Release - UK Government recognises the importance of technology in education - 11th March 2014
Please see the latest press release from Naace below.