Press Release - Naace Delivers a Framework for a new ICT Curriculum for Key Stage 1-3 at the Naace ICT Curriculum Symposium

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Press Release -  Naace Delivers a Framework for a new ICT Curriculum for Key Stage 1-3 at the Naace ICT Curriculum Symposium

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At the Naace ICT Curriculum Symposium, part of the Naace Conference 2012, Leicester Marriot, 8 -10 March 2012, members of the Naace Board of Management will unveil the Naace ICT Curriculum Framework for Key stages 1-3.

Throughout 2011 Naace Board Members were cognisant of an unprecedented demand for a refreshed ICT curriculum, a demand reinforced by the Secretary of State for Education’s speech at Bett 2012.

Anticipating this direction of thought, Naace members and experts attended national Think Tanks, throughout 2011, focusing on the ICT Curriculum and their views were captured; the outcomes were well informed, innovative and founded on good practice and robust research. Naace members felt that there was need of a refreshed curriculum that should not be prescriptive. Rather it should contain sound indicators regarding the body of knowledge, skills and application of ICT that could engage and astonish pupils and teachers. It should develop their interest, ability and higher thinking skills as well as support pupils’ life-chances and enhance their role in the workforce as productive, engaged citizens.

A version of the framework at KS3 has been available for comment on the Naace website for some weeks. Many organisations and individuals have been given the opportunity to comment and revisions have now been made to the framework. A group of Naace Conference delegates will review the framework and Naace hopes to be in a position to launch a working version by the end of June 2012.

The core themes of the curriculum are focussed around Digital Life, Digital Tools and Digital Technologies embracing coding and elements of computing as part of a coherent, broad and balanced ICT Curriculum.

Naace will be working closely with partners to ensure that valuable resources, schemes, programmes and initiatives can complement the rich and diverse framework proposed in the Naace ICT Curriculum.  Contributions will made at the Symposium by Andrea Carr of Rising Stars, Sue Nieland of e-skills who is working on the Behind the Screen Project, Mary Le Breuilly who leads on the Solihull LA ICT Curriculum, Bob Harding of Learn21 who has been collaborating with IBM’s Smarter Planet Project, Jan Webb ICT Curriculum Specialist, Allison Allen & Paul Heinrich joint authors of the Key Stage 3 Framework, Rachel Ager one of the authors of the Key Stage 1 & 2 Framework, and Dughall McCormick of the Naace Board of Management.

There will be representatives from partner organisations at the event to support the work of Naace and contribute to the curriculum discussions.

Allison Allen, Naace Board member and co-author of the Key Stage 3 Framework commented, ‘The Naace ICT Curriculum has been introduced to raise standards of learning and teaching and help improve our learner’s life chances. Building on the best, written by Naace practitioners for practitioners in all schools, it focuses on the importance of knowledge, skills and the intelligent application of ICT, and is about bringing life to learning and love of lifelong learning.’

Bernadette Brooks, Naace General Manager, commented further, ‘We are overwhelmed with the support we have received for our initiative to develop an ICT Curriculum Framework. We trust that our swift action will give school leaders the confidence to know that there will be a broad and balanced innovative ICT Curriculum available to them from June 2012. Watch this space!’


Media are invited to attend the Conference.  For more details please contact or call Michelle on 07736 280050.

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Press Release - Naace Delivers a Framework for a new ICT Curriculum for Key Stage 1-3 at the Naace ICT Curriculum Symposium
Please see our latest press release below: