Press Release - Naace Board of Management Present a Manifesto to their Conference Delegates

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Press Release - Naace Board of Management Present a Manifesto to their Conference Delegates

8 March 2012


At the opening of the Naace Conference 2012, Leicester Marriot, 8 -10 March 2012, the Naace Board of Management have issued a Manifesto for their Conference Delegates stating:

‘There is overwhelming evidence from around the world that schools can provide a transformative education, catalysed by new learning technologies. In the UK this is clear from schools gaining the 3rd Millennium Learning Award, Naace Impact Awards, ICT Mark and other recognitions of enhanced learning.

The UK is at a critical moment of opportunity. Schools can lead their communities to new levels of learning and achievement over the next five years. This is because of the unprecedented freedoms offered by radical changes in school organisation, curriculum design, accountability and technology.

The purpose of this manifesto is to alert leaders, teachers and parents to the urgent need to grasp the opportunity to make radical improvements in how young people engage with their learning.

We already know some of the features of this change, from the most innovative schools:

  • school leaders develop a culture that leads pupils to take more responsibility for their learning and to support each others’ learning, as partners in managing learning;
  • pupils increasingly have and use their own Internet-connected computer devices, in and out of class;
  • teachers and school leaders adopt ‘3rd millennium’ approaches to learning and teaching to gain maximum benefit from the first two changes;
  • teachers are responsive to the changes in learning and society, engage in timely, relevant professional development, and learn from one another through personal learning networks;
  • governors foster an agile approach to school management, administration and the curriculum, offering greater autonomy to the whole school community;
  • qualifications prepare young people effectively for training, higher education and employment.

We are passionate about advancing education through technology. We appreciate the improvements in learning that schools can achieve, but we are acutely aware that dangerous disparities of provision are developing nationally. This represents our commitment to ensure that all learners in all schools receive the best that a technologically enabled education can offer.’

Naace invites signatories to support this manifesto for change.

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Notes for Editors:

1. Naace invites the Media to attend the Conference, to take their own photographs and conduct brief interviews with Naace Staff and Board of Management Representatives.   Please contact Michelle Cank on the number above if you wish to attend or need further details.

2. Naace is the professional association for those concerned with advancing education through the appropriate use of information and communications technology (ICT).

3. Naace manages the accreditation of schools through the ICT Mark and the Self-review Framework, which originated as the NaaceMark. Over 2000 schools have been accredited with the ICT Mark – see

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Press Release - Naace Board of Management Present a Manifesto to their Conference Delegates
Please see our latest press release below: