Press Release - Computing leadership in post levels progress measures - 6th June 2014

Please see the latest press release from Naace below.

Press Release

Available for immediate release on 6th June 2014

Computing leadership in post levels progress measures

In the second half of May over 400 secondary schools signed up to a baseline testing and progress project in Computing led by NAACE and members of the Mirandanet and CAS communities. More are joining daily. Computing is a new subject in the National Curriculum starting in September and this presents a unique research opportunity to education. We can measure what pupils bring before formal teaching and investigate what impact teaching has over time. Mark Chambers, CEO of NAACE said "We will be able to provide schools with a quick and easy method of placing any pupil in the cohort on the basis of their current knowledge and understanding." The project will be officially launched at the ASCL leadership conference 11th-13th June.

Participation is free and there are options to support more detailed formative assessment using criteria matching based on the new Computing Programme of Study. This keeps the best aspects of a national strategy while removing almost all administrative overhead through the use of cloud based technologies. 

For more information please don’t hesitate to contact Mark Chambers, CEO Naace on or Ian Lynch, Chief Executive and Chief Assessor at The Learning Machine Ltd on

The Google group where people can sign up for free can be found at:!forum/key-stage-3-baseline and more information about the new standards is at:

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As a charity we aid the development of the profession as a whole and all schools, through the sharing of innovation and expertise, including provision of a range of school improvement tools such as the Self Review Framework and ICT Mark, the 3rd Millennium Learning Award toolbox and online professional development courses through the CPD4Free service.

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Press Release - Computing leadership in post levels progress measures - 6th June 2014
Please see the latest press release from Naace below.