Press Release - Taking Education to the Next Level - Flipped Learning - 18 February 2014

Please see the latest press release from Naace below.

Press Release

Available for immediate release on 18th February 2014


Taking Education to the Next Level - Flipped Learning

Most people commenting on the growth of 'flipped learning are missing the main point. Watching videos at home prior to discussing the learning content in class is only a small part of what flipping learning involves. The pupils at Lipson Community College have a much clearer understanding of what flipped learning includes and how it can help their learning. 

In the school's submission for their 3rd Millennium Learning Award the students list 10 features that they like about flipped learning. Their list includes:

            - developing co-operative values, sharing and collaborating online.
            - a creative approach to learning, being able to use online creative tools at home.
            - changing the fabric of the building to enable learning to happen more easily outside classes
            - collaborative groups online, with pupils joining groups they want to, to extend their learning.
            - an ‘educational facebook’ with mobile access.
            - vertical Apps for Good groups, with pupils from different year groups working together
            - having ownership of their work and being able to make it visible to wider audiences.
            - enabling greater enjoyment of work by presenting in varied styles.
            - multiple access to things they work on together, online, working co-operatively.
            - regularly accessing video and written materials prior to lessons.

You can hear them talking all these things in the short video at

This and other aspects of the way that education is moving to the next level are on the agenda of the Naace Strategic conference at the end of March - Outstanding in a Technology Enhanced World. The gap between schools that are embracing the connected world and those that are not is widening. Naace welcomes all who want to help schools appreciate what has to be done to move to the next level.

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Notes for Editors


Naace is the National Association for all who are working to take education to the next level of pupil achievement. Schools that are properly capitalising on computer technology and the Internet offer their pupils a curriculum and learning experiences that are not possible without technology, which is the key enabler. This includes the Computing curriculum but is much wider, involving the use of technology to transform pedagogy and learning interactions across the whole school.  We are a community of schools, teachers and all those who work in schools and members of the Education Technology industry, who all share a vision for the role of technology in improving and transforming learning and teaching.

As a professional association, we represent the voice of the UK education technology community in the schools sector at a national and international level, as well as supporting one another across the sector through conferences, courses and the dissemination of resources, research and reflection. We play a key role in members’ professional development, through the challenge and support of a community of practice.

As a charity we aid the development of the profession as a whole and all schools, through the sharing of innovation and expertise, including provision of a range of school improvement tools such as the Self Review Framework and ICT Mark, the 3rd Millennium Learning Award toolbox and online professional development courses through the CPD4Free service.

Press Release - Taking Education to the Next Level - Flipped Learning - 18 February 2014
Please see the latest press release from Naace below.