Press Release - Taking Education to the Next Level - Schools have to do what society should be doing - 26th February 2014

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Press Release

Available for immediate release on 26th February 2014


Schools have no alternative, they have to take responsibility for doing what society as a whole should be doing - ensuring children are safe online, everywhere.

Ever since schools started to make use of the Internet they have worked hard to ensure pupils can use it safely in school. But they now have to shoulder the wider responsibility of ensuring children stay safe when they access the Internet out of school. Not all parents take full responsibility for this and there are no other institutions that can take on this role nationwide. We believe schools should be much more widely applauded for what they are doing in this respect.

The schools that are doing this most successfully are those that embrace the use of pupils' own computer devices in school. Schools such as those that have gained the Naace 3rd Millennium Learning Award are showing the way for others. They involve pupils heavily in developing esafety approaches and acceptable use policies so that the right culture develops amongst the pupils, through which they help each other stay safe online and avoid the dangers. 

The moment that pupils step outside their school to go home, those with Internet-connected phones (which will soon be the majority) can access the Internet freely. There will always be places on the Internet where children can interact with others and inappropriate material without adult supervision. Some children will inevitably find their way to such places no matter how many warnings are issued. The voices they will listen to most will be those of their peers who understand the dangers a bit better than they do and can explain them in ways they will believe.

This and other issues involved in taking education to the next level will be discussed at the forthcoming Naace Conference, "Outstanding in a Technology Enhanced World". It is time for all schools to acknowledge that the future is an ever more connected world, with children connected as well as adults.

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Notes for Editors

Naace is the National Association for all who are working to take education to the next level of pupil achievement. Schools that are properly capitalising on computer technology and the Internet offer their pupils a curriculum and learning experiences that are not possible without technology, which is the key enabler. This includes the Computing curriculum but is much wider, involving the use of technology to transform pedagogy and learning interactions across the whole school.  We are a community of schools, teachers and all those who work in schools and members of the Education Technology industry, who all share a vision for the role of technology in improving and transforming learning and teaching.

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Press Release - Taking Education to the Next Level - Schools have to do what society should be doing - 26th February 2014
Please see the latest press release from Naace below.