Press Release - Two kinds of school when it snows!: 1 December 2010

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Two kinds of school when it snows!

Many parents will be wondering how to occupy their increasingly bored children who are missing their school friends. But for an increasing number of lucky parents their school has the answer.

All over the country there are schools where learning continues even when snow closes the school. Schools with effective online learning platforms can keep much of the normal school activity going. Teachers can set work online and post resources so that parents can more easily support homework, pupils can email work to their teachers and ask them questions. With online forum and chat facilities for a class or the whole school, pupils can discuss and collaborate. Many of the schools also use their platforms for extra-curricular activity and fun learning challenges.

Wise parents should be asking questions of their children’s schools. Has the school got accreditations to show they know how to use ICT properly? If they don't already make good use of online platforms to engage pupils and parents, what are their plans to do so? And of course these systems don't only come into play when it snows; they support classwork, homework and extra-curricular activities all the time.

The definition of an excellent school and excellent teaching is changing. The time and space where young people can help each other learn, and interact with their teachers now extends beyond the school day and the school gates.

In around 10% of schools across the country, most of the teachers are already using the school’s online platform to support pupils’ work in class and at home, as well as to ease administrative tasks – and the number of schools doing this is growing fast. We suggest you visit schools near you that are providing a 21st century education for their pupils.

Naace can provide names of schools all over the country that are making excellent use of their learning platforms with pupils and parents.

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Notes for Editors

Naace is the professional association for those concerned with advancing education through the appropriate use of information and communications technology (ICT). Naace is a community comprised of individual members, schools and sponsoring partners. Naace administers the ICT Mark on behalf of Becta. It created the Naacemark for Schools scheme, which was a predecessor of the ICT Mark.

Learning Platforms have been shown to bring many improvements to learning and school organisation, in research done by the Institute of Education,

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Press Release - Two kinds of school when it snows!: 1 December 2010
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