Naace Newsletter

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The Naace Newsletter is published on Friday usually every two weeks by email to the membership.

It is also published on the Naace website, and builds to form a searchable archive which is visible to logged in users. During each year there are 21 Naace Newsletters, with a further six special editions which are devoted to news from Sponsoring Partners, and which are often linked to major events such as the Naace Strategic Conference and the Bett exhibition.

Advancing Education Journal

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'Advancing Education' is a leading journal comprised of an eclectic mix of academic and action research papers and reports from members and sponsoring partners on innovative uses of ICT in education and beyond. As such it reflects the wide ranging interests of members and sponsors and all those passionate about ICT in all phases of education.  The journal is published online three times a year.

Primary Focus

'Primary Focus' contains a wealth of interesting articles from practitioners working in the primary sector. Like other Naace publications, we encourage Members to contribute and interact with Articles, the Editor and other Members, with the idea of stimulating points of view within a continuing professional dialogue.

Sharing Success

'Sharing Success' was a monthly e-magazine that focuses on schools' and teachers' use of ICT to contribute to successful achievements. Features frequently focus on recent issues, with the opportunity for Members to post comments directly onto each Article.

Computer Education

'Computer Education' was published termly but has now been replaced by the new Naace journal Advancing Education through ICT, which combines Computer Education and Primary Focus. Computer Education published reports and summaries of classroom-based action research of varied scale and focus together with papers discussing wide-ranging aspects of ICT in the world of education. Recent issues carried articles on digital story telling with ethnic minority pupils, practical issues surrounding the use of VLEs, effective use of information management systems and e-assessment

Naace Connect

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'Naace Connect' is an exciting online video magazine for Naace members and others interested in educational ICT. Each programme is approximately half an hour in length and divided into 5 minute episodes which include interviews with practitioners, key stakeholders and thinkers in educational ICT that meets the aims of the association.

Naace Review Club

Here you'll be able to find the latest titles and resources from publishers and suppliers specialising in ICT in Education.


And it gets even better – all currently featured books are up for grabs FREE for Naace members *. All we’re asking from you is to submit a short review (circa 200 words) for inclusion on the Naace website and the Naace Newsletter

Naace Research Papers

Naace is pleased to draw attention to the Research Papers on ICT in Education. Over the summer period we will draw together relevant papers from recent years that have been lodged on other sites that no longer exist.

If you have ideas about research that can be included  or if you would like to help to curate this store please contact

This is where you will find all Naace publications current and past and all articles.